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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Standing under the golden arches

Yeah, this is cool. McDonald’s flew a posse of bloggers and their families (all members of the BlogHer publishing network) to corporate headquarters just outside of Chicago and we get to spend the rest of the week getting behind-the-counter peeks, talking with McDonald’s execs, giving lots of feedback, having fun, and visiting the Ronald McDonald House charity.

The girls are just tickled pink, and so are TubaDad and I actually. These folks sure know how to make families feel welcome. Whooooeeeee! More details to come later – all the bloggers will be writing full reviews about our experiences, questions, and feedback (the good and the bad) in July. In the meantime, here are a few sneak preview pictures.

IMG_1478LRPSLR (Ro brown shirt, Ree pink and white striped shirt)


photo IMG_1492LR IMG_1497LR IMG_1501LR IMG_1505LR IMG_1510LR