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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Product review: Girly Girl Bowtique hair accessories

Ok, everyone already knows that we're nutso for hair accessories in this house (I'm thinking the post about our crazy hair accessory organizer confirmed it). So when we were contacted by Girly Girl Bowtique about reviewing various and sundry hairbows, well the girls and I took one look at the website and rubbed our hands together with glee.

What We Thought: The designs are crazy creative, and the variety is kind of astounding. Especially since the store is run by one person, Kelly, a mom who started out making bows for her daughters. Kelly dreams up each design and makes each item by hand. She sent us a huge variety to evaluate. Actually she sent a few more than are pictured here, but Ro and Ree have been running around with them since the day we ripped open that box and I can't find them all to save my life. How cute are these?!

I assumed the girls would rifle through the box and pick a favorite or two, but they loved them all so much that it became a knock-down-drag-out fight to see who could get the most into her hair. Lest you think this was a one-time occurrence, let me assure you that they have sported this lovely bowsplosion look almost every day since. I've never seen anything quite like it:

Ree said "I yike dem! My favewit is da pink pwincess one. I yike it because it has pink and polka dots and all of da pwincesses. Mama, can you put it in my hair wight now?" Ro said quite emphatically "I yike all of dem." My personal faves are the carnations (they're huge and look AWESOME in the girls' hair) and the ones that look like Christmas-present bows (you know those are going to show up in our Christmas card photo, right?)

Areas for Improvement: Hm, don't fall over in shock or anything, but I don't have any suggestions for improvement. Yikes. I actually scoured the web site for something/anything and even asked the kiddos, but we came up dry. If you have any suggestions for Girly Girl Bowtique, or wish there was a certain design or color, please share—your wish just might show up as a new design!

The Bottom Line: Ro and Ree like the bright colors and the fact that they can find one of these bows to match anything that they're wearing (and they come up with some crazy ensembles). And I like the creativity and the workmanship that goes into these bows. Girly Girl Bowtique has everything from simple ribbon clippies to wild marabou-and-glitter bottlecap bows. They make me grin.





Special Offer: The Girly Girl Bowtique prices are really reasonable in my opinion ($3 clippies, $5 carnations, $6 fancy bottlecap bows), but from now until 10/31/09, Salsa readers will get an extra 20% savings by entering the coupon code SALSA at checkout.


shelley said...

How is it that you get to review and test all these great products. My kids are insanely jealous.

Catherine said...

Those are beautiful bows!!! Going to hop over and see what damage I can do. Does it matter that my little sweetie only has light whispy hair now?? Nope...it'll grow and I'll be ready! :o)

Wanda said...

Oh, gorgeous bows and thingies. As a mom who was desperate for any hair to be called "real hair" for more than a few years (Dahlia's is still really fine and grows at a snails pace)I've spent a small fortune on anything for that girls head.

But there's always room for more. Besides DD#2 needs something original, right?

Sheryl said...

We just placed an order! I know my dd will love them!

M3 said...

Shelley: I just keep asking! :-) If I find a product I like, I send them a request and see what they say. And some of them (like the snack trays) are just products I bought for the girls and ended up liking so much I thought I'd do a review and share the info with everyone. I get contacted by a lot of companies too that have products I'm not interested in or I don't think any readers would want to read about, so I turn those review requests down. I turned down three review requests this week.

Sheryl said...

Just so everyone knows the basic bows are on for half price right now. Great deal with the extra 20% Salsa deal (thanks M3!). Shipping to Canada was really cheap too :)

Sandra said...

Love them! Tahlia would love the Tinkerbell one. I am off to do some shopping now ;-)

Shannon said...

I'm totally going to take advantage of the 20% off offer. I just spent 20 mins looking at hair bows, each one cuter than the last! YIKES! I'll be broke, but Emmy will look darn cute!

Keri said...

Oooo, I'm going to the website to check these out, so cute & fun!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Thanks for the great review and the orders from your readers!