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Friday, October 23, 2009

Winner chosen: Justin Roberts cd giveaway

Hi guys, thanks for all the great musical suggestions! I'm so excited to try out some new music with the girls.

Alrighty, for the giveaway, I used random.org this morning to choose the winner for the giveaway, and got #26, which was Heather.

Heather wrote:

Oh, we have music going CONSTANTLY at our house. Let's see... Yes, the Barenaked Ladies' _Snacktime_, and any / all Laurie Berkner CD's. We love the Putamayo Kids albums -- special favorites are the Animals one and the Folk Music one and the Sing Along with Putamayo Kids, although the "African Playground" one is by far the best one in our house (it can wipe away the grumps with two bars of music). We also like _Little Bird_ by Elizabeth Mitchell and _Family Time_ by Ziggy Marley (reggae is really speaking to my daughter right now...).

Just FYI, this was part of NPR's year's best music for kids, and there are several other CD's there that have looked interesting (my husband insists that I can only have as many CD's for the baby as months she has been on the earth, so I'm in a holding pattern until next month...). You can search for it on www.npr.org/music

Heather, I couldn't find an email addy in your profile, so I'm leaving a comment on your blog and announcing your win here. Please contact me by email (my addy is in the sidebar) and let me know where to send your CD. Cheers!

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