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Monday, November 23, 2009

Up, up, and away!!! A product review for capes.

Ittybittyladybug asked if we'd like to review some Baby Leo capes, and our little supergirls were totally up for the challenge. So they sent us over two complimentary bright pink, satin samples, I grabbed the camera, and we unleashed our cape-clad duo at a local park. I think Ro and Ree in capes were even more fearless than usual (and that's saying a lot). Here's what we thought of the products:

Super cute and quite comfy!:

Nice form in the air (heh):

Strong, soft neck straps kept the capes in place through anything the twinados could dish out:

And the flying—holy smokes—when the girls put on those capes the flying feats were incredible to watch!:



DSC_8459LRs 2



That was fun!!! The girls were superinspired by their superhero attire. And my inner photofreak was grinning like mad the whole time (and rolling in the mud—to get these shots I was lying on my back on the ground near a low wall while they jumped over me).

We fueled up after all that flying with a (cough cough) healthy little snack. Even superheroes eat McDonald's, don't ya know?:

The Bottom Line:
We all loved the capes, and so did the bystanders in the park. The girls liked that they were bright and soft (lined with chamois), cute, and fun. And I was impressed that they're really well-made by hand in San Francisco (woohoo!), are prewashed so they won't shrink or fade, and can be thrown in the washer/dryer with all the rest of your clothes (our superheroes are extra rough and these capes will see a lot of laundry time).

The Special Offer:
These capes come in a fun variety of colors and styles (see all the capes here) and would make great Christmas presents for boys or girls. If you order within the next month, you can get 15% off your entire order (anything in the Ittybittyladybug store) by typing in the code SALSA15. Cool! Since the capes are handmade to order, they take 2 weeks to ship, so any Christmas orders need to be placed by early December. Each cape is available in two sizes, the larger "superhero" size (which Ro and Ree are wearing in the pics) and the smaller "sidekick" size.


Brenda said...

Can I have one??? I'm 5'9" but REALLY REALLY want one!

Norah said...

So cool! Can't wait to go check out the site right now. Both of my girls have been using bubble wrap for capes...hehehe.

Cindy M said...

AWESOME shots! Did you use flash? The colors are just amazing! The capes are cool, too!

M3 said...

Hey Cindy: Thanks! I did use flash, I lugged along my external SB800 Speedlight and it worked like a charm. :-)

2china4S said...

That looks like something my Wonder Pets obsessed daughter would love. I only found the Super Hero size, and that is way too big for my SS. Where is the other size? Hoping it is smaller.

M3 said...

Hi 2china4s: I think all of the capes are offered in either size, so if you click on the cape you like you'll see a dropdown selection and can choose "superhero" size (26") or "sidekick" size (19"). Hope that helps!

Kris said...

very cool- love the shots!

Wanda said...

Wow, these shots are really great! (And, oh yeah - love the capes too....hehe.)

Are they really just jumping over you? It looks like they're on a trampoline but then how would you have gotten those straight up shots. Oh, you're a magician too....I get it!


Donna said...

Love these! Gwen will be so excited to see this on Christmas morning! She turns everything into a cape -- towels, blankets, she even puts her head through the armhole of her vest and uses that as a cape!

Of course, Maddy will want one if Gwenny has one.

Thanks for saving us 15%!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Elle said...

Awesome photography, M3!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I've been wanting a cape for Casey for a long time!!

You should rotate some of those pictures sideways so it looks like they are flying superhero style.


Shannon said...

Darn you M3! Every time you do a review, I'm so excited I turn around and spend $$ on whatever you are pimping out!! LOL Now I have to get capes! HA HA HA

We already have bitty bowes, play silks, and those tutu jammies. You're making me broke! HA!! But seriously, who could pass up the cuteness of these???

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is my fav site to buy gifts for other people and for my daughter. LOVE IT!

Donna said...

Ours just came today! OhMyGosh!!! They're so nice! Much nicer than I even though they'd be and I expected that they'd be pretty good!

I hope I can wait until Christmas to give them to the girls. This is probably going to be Gwen's FAVORITE present this year!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!